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This stunning photo shows what Maree Brash embroidered for a gift!

Wow, Thanks Maree.
(Now you need one for yourself.)
She used designs from the Triple Crewel Border, the Purple Passion Flower and the Gladiola from the Circle of Spring page.

Another beauty from Jo Ann Ely
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Linda Warden embroidered the Birthday Train on a blanket for her Grandson for his first Birthday. Very cute!

I now have all the candles (1-9) on the Special Occasions page.

Customer Photos

Gail Stokes sent me this photo of her beautiful top embroidered using the Petite Set.Click picture to ZOOMMore from Gail using the Triple Crewel Border....WOW

Another photo from Gail...Thankyou so much!

Click on the photos to see the detail. This is the Jacobean Swirl and Center, using all variagated threads. Beautiful effect!

Karen's Quilt
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A beautiful quilt made by Karen using the Triple Crewel Border, Center, Corner, Flower and the Purple Passion Flower.

Click picture to ZOOMThis photo was sent to me by Veronica "Bunny" Wood (from Ontario), of her shirt, using my Purple Passion Flower. Beautiful job...nice colours. Thanks.

Please click on all pictures to see the detail.

Click picture to ZOOMThis Beautiful skirt was embroidered and sewn by Jo Ann Ely
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Marie Moore was kind enough to send this photo of a gift that she created for a friend.

Triple Crewel Bits (Free Designs on the Downloads Page)
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Finally !! Got one project done. My blouse.

Fantasy Border
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Imagine this frame with wedding bells at the top center and the names and date embroidered in the center.
or as photo frame,
or at the four corners of a pillow
Triple Crewel Border with Center and Corner Design
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I am making a Roman Blind....but until it is finished, this photo will give you some idea of one way of using these designs. I'd love to see your ideas as well.
Click on the photo to see in detail.
Triple Crewel Border (1)
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Triple Crewel Border (2)
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Triple Crewel Border (3)
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The Triple Corner would look nice as a border as well.
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Triple Center as a Border
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Ring Bearer Pillows

I made these for a friend, who had two little ringbearers.
I did the letters in my software and used a free design from
The finished pillow is 8" square. (I sewed four 5" squares together using 1/2" seam allowances.) I used a button with a shank on the front side of the pillow, so the ribbon could be just tied on, and had a plain button on the back. Securing them both snugly together.

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