Petite Set

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Gail Stokes sent this photo to me, of her beautiful top embroidered using the Petite Set.
Thanks so much Gail.
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Suggested Layout of the Petite Set
This set of designs can be arranged in any order that pleases you. It looks wonderful on the bodice of gowns, or blouses and on the borders of pillowcases....many other places as well.
Petite Set:
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96.8mmx77.6mm (3.81" x 3.06")
3,763 stitches

97.5mm x 87.4 mm (3.84" x 3.44")
11,274 stitches

98.8mm x 66.5mm (3.89" x 2.62")
5,171 stitches

97mm x 80mm (3.82" x 3.15")
5,689 Stitches

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Design Sizes:
Buttonhole: 67.4mm x 45.1mm (2.65" x 1.78")
Button A: 16.8mm x 15.5mm (.66" x .65")
Button B: 23.6mm x 22.7mm (.93" x .89")
Button C: 19.2mm x 20.50mm (.76" x .81")
My Blouse
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