Miscellaneous Designs
  Click picture to ZOOMLBoval1
Design Size: 103.4mm x 114.7mm (4.07" x 4.51")
11438 Stitches
For the SEW format, the oval frame is split.

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Click picture to ZOOMLBoval 2 (4x4 size)
Design Size 89.9mm x 99.9mm (3.54" x 3.93")
11,308 Stitches
Variagated thread has been used on the frame of the thumbnail photo(click the image)
LBoval1 and 2:
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Click picture to ZOOMNorth American Indian design
Design Size: 90mm x 90mm (3.54" x 3.54"
9815 Stitches
Sew Format Design Size: 88.4mm x 88.5mm (3.48" x 3.48")
9720 Stitches
North American Indian design:
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Click picture to ZOOMBumblebee
Design Size: 91.7mm x 68.1mm
(3.61" x 2.68")
Stitch Count: 7,105
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Click picture to ZOOMGrasshopper
Design Size: 96.6mm x 46.5mm
(3.80" x 1.83")
6666 Stitches
The Grasshopper and the Bumblebee would be great for your barbeque apron.
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Click picture to ZOOMRedwork Vase of Flowers
Design Size: 92.2mm x 95.5mm
(3.63" x 3.76")
Sew Format Size: 92.9mm x 88mm
(3.66" x 3.46")
Stitch Count: 7,216
Redwork Vase of Flowers:
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Click picture to ZOOMCocktails
Design Size: **170.2mm x 64.2mm (6.70" x 2.53")**
8018 Stitches
3 files - together as shown and separate(see thumbnails below).
4x4 designs are split in the middle and come the same way.(together and alone) and are
93.9mm x 61.4mm (3.70" x 2.42")
85.7mm x 26.7mm (3.37" x 1.05")
4x4 users, I will send all sizes, in case you upgrade in the future.
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