Q: I have ordered my designs, received my receipt from Paypal, and it has been more than 36 hours and they still haven't arrived.
A: Please please let me know. Usually I am able to receive your mail.
Please check your security settings to make sure zipped attachments are allowed. The latest updates of iexplorer and windows really changed all my settings and I had to relax a few.
You could also check your bulk items folder or any spam folders that you may have, just in case I got trapped there.
I send the designs to the address listed on the paypal form. If this was not current, please let me know.
Add me to your list of "allowed senders" and/or add me to your address book.
Lindsay Boulton
lindsayb@telus.net and/or lboulton@telus.net

My subject line will always say "Lindsays Embroidery Designs" unless I am replying to your subject.
If you do not receive your designs usually within 24 hours, please email me and let me know and perhaps with an alternate address.
By hook or by crook, we will get your designs to you somehow....but we have to be able to communicate.
You could tell me which other yahoo group you are on, so we could communicate there also if necessary.
I can also send you an invite to my 'temporary' yahoo group(just for this purpose)but this too, has to be able to get past your security.
Looking forward to hearing from you. I will not rest easy until you have your designs.

Q: I have been trying to order some border designs but can't get the check out page to work. Can you help me please? Thanks
A: A few others have told me this in the past, so I contacted my webmaster, and this is what they told me....do you have this program? and then my customers turned it off briefly , ordered and turned it on again.
Dear Lindsay:

I tested your site, and everything is working normally.

There is only one program that gives our shopping cart problems (and many
other programs). It's Norton's Internet Security. It's a special firewall
program. It's not their regular Anti Virus. It's a special version called
Norton's Internet Security. When people have this on, the shopping cart
buttons will not function. If they turn it off, it will work just fine.

You can ask your customer if they have this program to determine whether
this is their problem.
Hope that it is as simple as this for you.
Thanks so much for your interest in my designs.

Lindsay Boulton

Q: I do not have a Paypal account. Is there another way to pay for your designs?
A: You do not have to have an account with Paypal to use their shopping cart options. You can just click no to that option and keep clicking until you come to the use credit card option. (I haven't done this so I do not know the exact wording)
You can also email me for other options.

Q: I want to pay in Canadian Dollars, but I don't see that option.
A: There are several ways to send funds in Canadian Dollars. (I tried having both currencies on the website, and it wouldn't work) Please email me for details.

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