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Celtic Dog
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This is a continuous Border.
This is actually a female lion (copyright free artwork), but it reminded me so much of our Dobermans "forever waiting" posture, that I called it 'dog'.
This file includes one file with a start stitch at the head (last stitch at the tail) and another with a Tail start and head finish.

Design Size: 100.8mm x 25.5mm (3.97" x 1")
8024 Stitches
Celtic Dog:
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Celtic Lion
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Three files included.
One file with a Head start + tail end, and another with a Tail start + head finish (both for the continuous border so you can go in any direction) and the last, with an upper Head Start and upper Tail end for using if you are making the frame. see photos below.

Design Size: 101.2mm x 25.5mm (3.98" x 1")
7702 Stitches
Celtic Lion:
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Continuous Border
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Celtic Dog +Lion:
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