Birds of B.C.
Birds of BC (the Set)

Includes the Robin, Chickadee, Barnswallow, Waxwing and the Elderberries.

Please note:(If you have my Circle of Winter, you will already have the Waxwing and Elderberries)
Birds of BC:
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Click picture to ZOOMAmerican Robin
Design Size: 81.7mm x 87.6mm (3.21" x 3.44")
6825 Stitches

(If you have all the components of my Circle of Summer, and purchase this design, I can send you the taller than 5x7 hoop version of the Circle of Summer all combined together in two Grand Hoop. Please ask.)(limited formats)
American Robin:
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Click picture to ZOOMChickadee
Design Size: 78.3mm x 84.80mm
(3.08" x 3.34")
Stitch Count: 8,614
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Click picture to ZOOMBarnswallow
Design Size: 42.5mm x 98.6mm
(1.67" x 3.88")
Stitch Count: 7,529
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Click picture to ZOOMWaxwing
Design Size: 93mm x 96mm (3.67" x 3.78")
7390 Stitches

Sew Format is slightly tilted to fit the hoop
Sew Design Size: 88.4mm x 104.8mm (3.67"x3.31"). A 2nd version is without some branch, which is added to the elderberries(see thumbnail below with Elderberries).
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Click picture to ZOOM
Click picture to ZOOM
Click picture to ZOOMElderberries
This was designed to attach to the branch of the Waxwing bird in the Circle of Winter Set.
Design Size: 93.9mm x 77.8mm (3.72" x 3.06")
4123 Stitches.
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